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Она покрывает на 80% поверхность нашей планеты,ее приоритет в нашем организме неоспорим,ведь наше тело наполнено на 70-80% Водой. Может если мы узнаем больше об этой стихии,мы больше узнаем себя? В Путь!


The biological effects of heavy water prove to be very interesting question of nowdays biochemical science which comprising two main points: the evolution of deuterium itself as well as the chemical processes going on with participation of deuterium oxyde.
It is believed the big bang produce the universe that was much denser and hotter than it is now and made almost entirely of two main elements - hydrogen and helium. Deuterium itself was made only at a second stage of the beginning of the universe, namely through the collision of one neutron with one proton at a temperature of about one billion degrees; furthemore the two formed deuterons in turn stuck together into helium nuclei, which contain two protons and two neutrons. It is considered, that during the formation of helium nuclei, almost all the deuterons combined to form helium nuclei, leaving a tiny remant to be detected today so that only one in 10.000 deuterons remained unpaired.